No Commissions

You would have to pay up to 6% realtor commissions if you listed your home with a licensed real estate agent. We buy houses!

No Rehab

You don’t have to waste your time trying to make your house perfect to attract a buyer when a buyer is right here. We buy houses!

No Wait

You will receive a FAIR CASH OFFER for the purchase of your home within 24 hours along with a prompt closing date. We buy houses!

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Orlando’s Cash Home Buyers

Your Trusted Home Buyer

Does this sound like you? You and your family have outgrown your home. and want to sell your house fast? You are behind on mortgage payments. You are trying to downsize. Your current home is a money pit that requires many costly repairs. You are trying to sell a home you inherited or are in the middle of a divorce. If any of these circumstances sound like you, and you are having no luck selling your home or you just want cash fast, we are here to help you because we buy houses orlando! We have been buying homes since 1995, and providing Orlando home owners with peace of mind. As Is Now has a dedicated team of licensed professionals well-versed in the market. We buy hundreds of houses every month! As Is Now will provide fair cash offers on all houses that meet our criteria, saving you time and money. We happily provide cash offers within 24 hours, and are here to free you of your burden.

How It Works

The traditional route of selling your home or unwanted property is outdated and unnecessary. You are not required to list your home through an agent or pay a real estate commission because we buy houses Orlando. As Is Now is here to simplify the process of selling your home, and provide you with a cash offer. Be prepared to sell your house on your terms, and avoid the unnecessary expenses of realtors, repairs, and home staging. Yes, it is possible to sell your home without the stress of uncertainty and insurmountable costs. If you need to sell your house fast and feel trapped by financial burdens and time constraints, please contact our licensed professionals. Our services are free, and we are eager to answer your questions. We understand the possibility of losing your home is terrifying. We are here to provide you with options.


  • “I called 800-ASIS-NOW because I really needed to sell my house. It needed renovations and the process to fix everything was taking too long. AS IS NOW was the only company who made me a fair offer and it was a very short process. My Associate Danny was prompt, honest and professional. I would absolutely recommend AS IS NOW”
  • “I felt like a prayer was answered when I saw the AS IS NOW sign to sell my house without any repairs now. I would recommend AS IS NOW to anyone. It is clean, upfront and direct operation. I have had friends who have lost their house and if they would have called AS IS NOW, they would have been able to help them”
  • “Health wise I couldn’t take care of my house anymore. I called AS IS NOW and I got an offer on the first day. It was the best and highest offer I had. I would recommend AS IS NOW to anyone who would need to sell their house”
  • bought our house with all the contents in it. It was a wonderful transaction. Would highly recommend.
    Travis Megahee
  • I have had over 20 transactions with this company and every single one has been quick, smooth and very easy to deal with. I highly recommend them if you want a quick no hassle sale.
    Anthony Consalvo
  • If you are looking to sell your home fast these guys will give you an instant cash offer at a great price!
    Hilary Armstrong
  • I would highly recommend this company. Very Professional, easy to deal with.
    Nicolette Murdaugh
  • Excellent service and a quick close. As-Is now closed on my house after another homebuyer claimed they would but never closed. I highly recommend them.
    Alex Bogumil
  • I worked with As Is Now to handle one of my real estate transactions. They were honest, straightforward, and easy to work with.
    Richard Hornsby
  • If you are looking to sell your house fast in the Orlando area, give these guys a call. They will walk you through the process, step by step and the best part is that you don't have to pay a realtor commission to get money for your house. It seems too good to be true at first but these are good people that really will buy your house, no matter the condition.
    Jennifer Wheeler
  • Working with AS IS NOW was so simple, quick and easy! if anyone needs to sell their home, I would highly recommend selling to AS IS NOW. I didn't pay any fees or commissions and they handled everything for me.
    Bryan Adams
  • Selling my house cash was easy. Its a different game now no commisions. 🙂 Thx
    Mark Brown
  • Selling your house can be an overwhelming process. ASISNOW can help you sell your property FAST regardless of the condition of your home. No need to make any repairs or pay realtor commissions.
    Melissa Adams