How We Buy Houses in Orlando

Once we have all the necessary information we need, we will evaluate your property and send you a CASH offer within 48 hours. It’s that simple.

No Waiting-You will receive a FAIR CASH OFFER for the purchase of your home within 48 hours. You don’t need to disrupt your schedule to show your house to strangers. We have the funds to purchase your house ASISNOW! You can close at a time that is quick and convenient for you.

No Rehab

You don’t have to waste your time trying to make your house perfect to attract a buyer. You don’t have to deal with contractors who never show up when they say they will or charge you more than you thought that you would have to pay. We will purchase your property regardless of the condition of your house.

No Commissions

You would save up to 6% in realtor commissions if you listed your home with a licensed real estate agent. There are NO FEES when you sell your house ASISNOW!

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What We Buy

We are a company that specializes in buying houses from property owners. Our company will buy any house in any condition at any time.  Contacting us will keep you from having to about going through the tedious process of hiring a real estate agent and waiting weeks or months to sell your property. Our company will buy any type of home within 7 days. This will save you time and can get you a quick turn around when needing to sell a property fast. Contact As Is Now if you are looking to sell a home in the immediate future.

Probate/Inherited Houses

We will purchase any home that has been inherited or assigned via probate. You will be able to sell this type of home within a few days with our company.

Damaged Homes

If you have a home that has incurred a lot of significant damage, you will be able to sell it to us. Since we buy houses in any condition feel free to contact us even if you have  hurricane or hail damaged homes.


As Is Now buys foreclosured houses  from distressed sellers. We will purchase any home that is on the verge of being seized by the lender. Instead of letting the lender take your, let us buy it from you and help salvage your credit.

Short Sales

Any home that is valued below the loan amount and is in need of being sold quickly will be purchased from us.  Just as foreclosures we will also work with you if you should need to short sale your home.  Homeowners in this situation will benefit by getting back their money as well as avoiding the pay off of the remaining balance of the loan.


We buy homes that are being auctioned off from a bankruptcy. If a property is in need of being forfeited due to a bankruptcy, we will purchase it from the debtor and allow them to walk away with some funds and get a fresh start.

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Auctioned Homes

Our company will purchase any home that is being auctioned off at local events.

Tax Deed Sales

Homes that are being sold due to unpaid taxes are often houses that we buy from distressed owners.

Absentee Homes

With our company, you will be able to sell and get rid of an abandoned or absentee home.

Tenant Occupied

As Is Now purchases homes that are currently occupied by tenants. Landlords who are looking to sell their property and retain the tenants will benefit by allowing us to buy it from them.


We will purchase any single family home or condo that is currently listed in the Multiple Listing Service.

New Construction

Our company purchases homes that are currently being built and set to be sold in the near future.

Vacation Homes

Any home that is not used as a primary place of residence during but for vacations can be sold to our company within one week.

Court House

We buy homes that have been seized by the court and are available for sale.

Multi Family

As well as regular single family homes, we buy multi family houses and apartment complexes.


Our company will buy any housing property that has two family units. Property owners that rent out duplexes and who want to sell them will benefit by allowing us to purchase them quickly.


We will purchase any property that is either part of a community complex or a townhome. Our company will provide, offer and purchase the property in less than a week.

Vacant Lots

As Is Now purchases vacant lots that are unoccupied.


As is now will purchase your estate, with the home and everything that goes with it. This save you time and effort, with an quick, easy sale.

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