The Advantages of Estate Buying

For many people selling a home, the process can be complex, frustrating, and time-consuming. Whether behind on mortgage payments, in the midst of a divorce, or having perhaps inherited a home and its belongings, most people want and need to sell their homes quickly. However, if they use traditional real estate agents or do it themselves, it will likely be many months before the sale is complete.

For those wanting a fast, profitable, and easier alternative, it is best to work with companies that specialize in purchasing entire estates, such as us here at As Is Now. Not only will we buy your home, but also any possessions inside it as well, making the process easier than you ever anticipated. If you want to learn more about why estate buying would be a great option for you, here are some reasons why we at As Is Now can turn you into yet another of our many satisfied sellers.

No Long Waiting Periods

If you choose to sell your home through a traditional real estate agent, plan on being very patient while waiting for your home to sell. On average, it takes several months for a typical home to sell, and that is if everything goes smoothly. If the housing market is down, or perhaps your potential buyer has trouble obtaining financing, the waiting period can be even longer.
When you work with us here at As Is Now, you can avoid these headaches. After you contact and have a chance to meet with us, we will make a very fair cash offer within 24 hours. Along with this, we will also provide you with a closing date that will not be months away, but typically only days away.

No Need for Repairs

In many instances, sellers will have to make many repairs to a home before putting it on the market, costing them thousands of dollars. However, we at As Is Now will buy your home no matter its condition, saving you time and money. Rather than spend money on unnecessary repairs, let us at As Is Now buy your home and its contents, allowing you to spend your repair money on other more important things.

No Need for an Estate Sale

If you happen to inherit a property, or perhaps have parents who have passed away or are moving into a new home, an estate sale is often necessary. In these cases, you not only have to select a company to conduct the sale, but also spend time getting everything together in preparation for the sale. Should you decide to work with us here at As Is Now, you can avoid this step altogether. Instead, we can simply make you a fair cash offer immediately, simplifying the process.

No Commissions

A potential problem faced when listing your home with a real estate agent is that despite what is communicated to you, the agent may do little to help your house sell as fast as possible. Even if the agent has worked minimally on your behalf, once the property sells, they will get a commission of six percent or perhaps more, which can add up to thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Instead, we at As Is Now can work with you to purchase your entire estate in a fair and quick manner, letting you save on unnecessary agent commissions.
Rather than spend time and money worrying about how to sell your home and its belongings, contact us at As Is Now to learn more about why estate buying is your best option.

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