When To Pursue a Short Sale in Florida

As Florida’s real estate market claws its way back to stability, much of the real estate market in Florida remains in turmoil. Whether you have equity in your home or whether you are under great pressure to make your monthly payments, AS Is Now offers a new solution for homeowners who are underwater meaning their equity is less than the value of their home and we also offer a new means to get out from under the debt of your mortgage, we buy houses Orlando!

As is Now offers homeowners in Florida a way out without going through the tedious short sale process. Let us show you an easier way to get out from under your home with a quick cash sale without a commission or without the expense of costly repairs your local agent will want you to make.

Our experienced agents know how to negotiate with banks and other creditors. That does not mean it will be easy but As Is Now has helped many other Floridians, like yourself, avoid foreclosure and get back on their feet and out from under what might seem to be crushing debt.

Your Best Bet For Housing Solutions in Florida

Stop pouring good money into a bad situation. Yes, As Is Now just may be your best bet for housing help in Florida. We know real estate and we can assure you at least two months of residency before you will have to vacate. It is not always the case but sometimes clients of As Is Now are surprised to find that they can often walk away with cash in hand.

In many cases, deficiencies are waived by the bank. That can spell cash for you to move into your new residence or to be used however you see fit. To negotiate a short sale takes experience, something most real estate agents in Florida lack. That inexperience can cost you, the homeowner, dearly. Why not take the easy way out and contact As Is Now today.

Let’s be clear, you do not have to suffer bankruptcy or the long-term effects of an eviction. As Is Now can protect you. We can save your credit, fight to get any deficiency waved and attempt to get you enough money to successfully relocate. Let’s put those sleepless nights behind you and start the road to financial recovery. It can be done and As is Now can help.

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Advantages of As Is Now

When you are fighting your way out of debt, the last thing you need is to have an agent who will charge you a commission, or expect you to pour hard-earned cash into improvements.

With As Is Now, we guarantee you will receive a fair cash offer for your home within 24 hours. You can get out from under, close the sale and often walk away with enough cash to start anew. Your credit will be in place, where you left it and soon you will be back on your feet, ready to buy another home or rent an even better home.

Other situations where Floridians turn to As is Now include fast divorce settlements or estate resolutions where the inherited property could be a burden for the heirs. The idea of a quick cash offer, and quick closing without any commission has appeal across many sectors of American life.

At As Is Now, we understand that the collapse of the real estate market in Florida caught many homeowners by surprise. We understand the pressure many Floridians are under to make their mortgage payments and we understand that lenders are aggressively pressing for foreclosure. We just may be the best way out for many homeowners.
Please visit our website at AsIsNow.com and contact us to start the wheels turning toward a cash offer that could change your life.

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