Appeal to Home Buyers

Make it Pop!

3 Ways to Appeal to Home Buyers

When your house is on the market, chances are someone else’s home is too. This is just the natural order of things, and as in flux as the real estate market is, you will always have some friendly competition out there. But don’t sweat! Lucky for you, we’ve got insider tricks of the trade so you can stand out among the competition and have sell your house and get it  off the market in no time.

1. Clean.

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but when we say clean we mean a deep clean. It’s easier for someone to imagine living in your space when it’s clean and pristine. They then will have a clean slate to imagine what it look like with their own furniture and belongings.

Choosing to hire a cleaning service may be one option to save yourself on elbow grease. Hiring someone to help may also be necessary if you have interested parties and you haven’t had time to tackle the grout on the bathroom floor yet.

Deep cleaning will be most successful when you look at your everyday home with a new pair of eyes. What do you overlook everyday? What might someone be seeing if this were the first time in your home? Clean the entry way and the living room. Remove dirt stains off the wall. Wipe baseboards and the trim work to be fresh again. Swipe the light switch plates. Dust light fixtures. Polish wood. Clean the windows so they are spotless and let in as much sunlight as possible. Vacuum and shampoo the carpets and rugs. Check the bathroom, tidy up the home office, and make sure the kitchen is as clean as can be. If your home has a yard, keep a cleaning and organizational eye towards that area of the house too will make a difference.

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 2. De-Clutter.

De-cluttering means yes, its time to go through all of those piles. Clothes. Shoes. Lawn equipment. Magazines. Old stacks of papers. Bins of toys. You know what piles we’re talking about. There is no better time to throw your junk out than when you’re ready to move on and move out and the thought of packing up all of those items sends you into a certain state of dread. Space that is as open as possible again lets the potential buyers imagine their own life fitting into your home. Make space as neat, organized, de-cluttered, and as fresh as possible.

3. Light it right.

Light is a primary factor when people are selecting a home. Did you know that if sunlight is beaming through your windows, your home will appear larger? So, how can you highlight the light? Is there an abundance of natural light? Is there not enough? When considering light in general, we also mean taking a look inside and remembering that lights and lamps and illuminators within the home matter too. Consider your lamps. The light above your kitchen countertops. Lights in the den. Lights over the dining room table. Updating outdated light fixtures that may have served you and your family may be one way to brighten your home and highlight modern and versatile options for curious couples. Updating light fixtures is one way to transform and update your home with a simple touch of class.